PREPARE your BUSINESS for RECESSION (Depression) Self Study

Six Module Business Programme offering planning, strategies and solutions for the Greatest Recession in our Lifetime.

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Our Prepare your Business for Recession Self Study Programme 
is an ideal programme for business owners
that can't find the time for our  

1 to 1 Business Mentoring programme.  
This is for Business owners looking for a programme  
they can complete in their own time at their own pace.  
(Adapted from our "Prepare your Business for Recession 1 to 1 Mentoring Programme".)   

 Over the past 18 months I have been subtly preparing business owner's for the inevitable economic fallout from excessive QE (excessive money printing) that began in the GFC 2008 (Global Financial Crisis) and have been accelerated in 2020-2022 . Many Financial Experts & Economist stating;
 "The Financial System has been on life support since 2008".
With a historical view of the economy from both a Macro & Micro perspective I will ask
the difficult questions needed for companies and their CEO's to prepare for 2023 with inflation -hyper inflation,
higher interest rates - potential crash in commercial mortgage backed securities, employment challenges -wage disputes,  further supply chain issues -Geopolitical challenges, Plus Rising Energy & Fuel costs.

This self study six module programme offers practical ideas and solutions to the challenges
facing small to medium sized businesses in the U.K. helping them plan, prepare & strategise for various possible economic scenarios. From taking a risk assessment of their business, re-evaluating the operational & financial efficiencies of there business model to the mundane practical
exercises every business owner can implement immediately.

As fiat currencies pinned to the WRC (World Reserve Currency- the Dollar) gradually loose more purchasing power,
business owners face the challenges of more expensive imports, and an economic downturn internationally every CEO should have
a planned response to a Recession (or potential Depression).

With this programme you will receive access to a variety of in-house resources from  specialist funding databases, industry & sector specialist links, FREE Business handbooks & help sheets.   The focus of each module will be to support you to achieve business growth & sustainability.  

At Designovation our aim is to support you in a professional manner and design  programmes that value your time and priorities.
   I have attached a Personal Bio just to give some background on my experience & customers.    
Thanks again for signing up!    
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Course Curriculum

Denise McKeever

Denise McKeever is a self published author of a creative business books. As a B.A. Honours Design graduate of Edinburgh college of Art and business owner for over 25 years. She has extensive experience in business mentoring from business start-ups to CEO's. Denise has recently mentored 13 CEO's, companies each with £1million+ turnover as a consultant for University of Strathclyde Business School & Heriot-Watt University. Denise has supported clients from all over Scotland from the Highlands, Shetland & Orkney to the Borders,Ayrshire & Fife. She has mentored and coached companies from a diverse range of sectors i.e. Creative industries, Farming, Food Production, Marketing, AI, Power Storage to Tourism & Leisure. Denise is passionate about teaching the core skills of entrepreneurship, creativity and self-help (to learn more visit D. F. McKeever)

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    Prepare for Recession (Depression) Self Study
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    6 Module Programme offering planning, strategies and solutions for the Greatest Recession in our Lifetime.

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