Coming 31st October 2022!

  How to Design a Business fit for   
     the 21st Century!

Welcome to the 'Designovation Philosophy' a creative entrepreneurship programme designed by Denise McKeever.
Choose from her selection of three creative online business courses with new courses added regularly.

Courses based on the 'Designovation Handbooks '
available in both paperback & ebook.

Programme 1
The Entrepreneur: White Ball Thinking.
Discover the Six key characteristics of the Entrepreneur. Learn how to master the skills necessary in building a successful, profitable & meaningful business.

Programme 2
The Enterprise: Black Box Thinking.
The Six functions necessary to design a business fit for the 21st Century. Learn how to design a unique business model with solid foundations and functions
 necessary for sustainable growth & competitiveness .

Programme 3
The Designovator's Room: Creativity.
The Design & Innovation tools necessary to develop your unique product or service.  Discover the Secret tools & skills of the designer, innovator and great entrepreneur.

Available in Paperback & E-Book from Amazon, Apple Books & Smashword.

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